Making the DoD financial management process work for you requires deep knowledge, financial acumen and practical experience.

We can help.

We’re DoD finance experts—and more

We’re strategically and operationally involved in every phase of the planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PPBE) process. We offer a distinct perspective on business, strategy and operations, coupling it with knowledge and real-world familiarity with the way government systems work. The outcome: greater efficiency and effectiveness—and better financial decision-making.

What we do

We have a unique ability to uncover opportunities to increase your effectiveness—and your success—through intimate familiarity with the challenges you face and what it takes to overcome them. By enhancing your own knowledge and skills, we become a valuable partner for you and your team.

End-to-end expertise

We take a hands-on role in the DoD financial management, serving clients in DoD, government and the defense industry. That’s given us unmatched breadth and depth of expertise that you can rely on.

Better results, faster

We know how to help you mitigate the bureaucratic and procedural inertia inherent to government programs.

Making the complex clear

We know what to look for, finding gaps, misalignments and disconnects in data and workflows to help your team become more effective, transparent and accountable.

Practical, actionable recommendations

We go beyond helping you identify problems by generating realistic solutions for remediation.

Anticipating the future

We keep our finger on the pulse of events and trends both inside the beltway and in the wider world, and how they can impact you.

Getting the most from every dollar

We combine a strategic point of view with operational perspective to help you spend not just more efficiently, but smarter.

About us

MDUBB Financial began with the belief that the deep commitment and mission of the DoD and the defense industry that supports it demand and deserve the highest level of support through responsible and effective use of financial resources. This belief is a driving force behind our mission of fiscal responsibility and is woven into the foundation of the firm. We recognize the critical importance of relationships and direct experience, which is why our team reflects a wide range of backgrounds from Federal government to the aerospace and defense industry.