Author of the year

MDUBB Finanicial’s Matt Wilson wins ASMC Author of the Year award. Take a look on page 10 of the magazine.

The Spinoff Effect

MDUBB’s Matt Wilson penned an article for Armed Forces Comptroller on how DOD investments in financial management can deliver added benefit. You’ll find the article on page 20 of the magazine.

Our latest perspective

Bringing it all together

The objective is to ensure that DoD is able to consistently “do it right” when it comes to spending on mission priorities.

Modernizing the PPBE process

In this article, we’ll take a look at how changes to the process itself can carry PPBE into its seventh decade and beyond.

Shifting the financial management mindset

By shifting the DoD financial management culture to a more proactive stance, considerable improvements in efficiency and cost-effective use of taxpayer dollars are possible.

Improving connections with Congress

We’re in an age of information and change, bombarded by so much input that focusing on what’s most important can be a debilitating struggle.

The PPBE Process: It’s about time

It’s easy to lose sight of how long the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process has been at the heart of DoD financial management.